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  1. I have 2disagree on the wcw raid ecw and the Dave meltzer wcw didn't push ecw guys…If u go back Eddie GUERRO held the Cruiserweight belt, United STATES Hey weight BELT & TAG TEAM BELT..He was carrying multiple belts at one time..Lance Storm,all 3 belts plus Hardcore..Benoit, All 3 and HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP..Jericho cruiser & US..Perry Saturn Multiple belts. PUBLIC enemy Tag belts.Sandman Hardcore Champ,..I will say wwe heel Eddie run was way better than WCW baby face eddie,,But up until the List and friendship festival. Jericho with his jericholics,Monday night jericho.MAN OF 1002 Holds,,Ralphus,,I loved wcw jericho.. Shane Douglas was even put n top spot n wcw unfortunately russo was to busy sucking off jarrett cuz jericho told him they had Richard Scrushy from health south about to bank roll TNA So RUSSO Kept pushing Jarrett so he cud get Health South Money. And it couldn't of worked out better,,Scrushy did bank roll the 1st TNA PPV,there was a reason it was n Huntsville Alabama, Even tho Alabama is a B market, when choosing a city market wise for wrestling,Birmingham is 1 & mobile and Huntsville 2..I assume eithier rent was to high or the 2 arenas that hold wrestling was booked,so they went to Huntsville,,Health South and Richard Scrushy headquarters &;home was n a suburb 5 minutes outside Bham &Huntsville wud of Ben a 1hr drive or 15/20min trip if he took the health south jet 2C the product the Jarretts lied about & was taking advantage of another "Money Mark" So the 1st TNA Show Scrushy bankrolled had a decent crowd, Scott hall debuted, Country Singer Toby Keith got nvolved (Another Money mark jeff jarrett lied 2 & a minor investor) & the other minor nvestor was some Nascar driver who also appeared..They do the show, I'm sure jeff and russo were jerkn each other off spending Schrushys money n there head..24 to 48 hours after 1st ppv..HEADLINE NEWS ALL OVER LOCAL NEWS AND EVEN CNN..FBI Charged Schrushy with like 30 Charges, fraud,stock crimes..He beat every charge & FBI said fuck u& charged he & the governor of 30 more crimes but this time n redneck Montgomery instead of Bham..He beat a lot of those but guilty OF Bribing the Governor..Govenor also went to jail. He also lost a civil trail against Shareholders who sued…HE had to pay $2.5 BILLION..He was so rich, it wasn't until these trials they noticed his accountant had stole between $5 and $10 MILLION FOR YEARS & DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE..When u can get 10Million stolen and never notice, ur doing ok..His accountant never got convicted,when it was discovered he decided to swallow a bullet.. If u ever heard TNA Lost investor,,That's who it was,& when he went down Toby& other minor nvestors left..That's y RUSSO Kept pushing Jarrett..Also led to Jarret taking advantage of the Carter family. Damn, don't no how I went from ecw to jarrett & tna..Sorry, maybe some1 njoyed a drunken rambling

  2. what the fuck is a talent raid,there Is no such thing. you have people being given better opportunities for their families and if they didn't want to take the deal they weren't forced to take it. it's no different than any other company in this world.

  3. Took 7 years to win the TNA WHC??? Bare in mind guys TNA only started using their own WHC belt in May 2007 until then they had the NWA WHC as their top prize which AJ won 3 times before TNA stopped using the NWA belt. So for 5 out of the 7 years the TNA WHC didnt even exist! 7 years to become champ pffft do your homework guys jeez lol


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