8 Rumored WrestleMania 34 Matches The WWE Doesn’t Want You To Know About
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  1. Weli want the shield to be together and roman keeps his belt and dean and rollens have there belts back and take care if broke and brarn like to see them take them on and for once win that would be great

  2. WWE STOLE MY IDEA ASUKA VS CHARLOTTE IT WILL BE AN GREATEST RIVARLY THE QUEEN VS THE EMPRESS well asuka is gonna deafeat charlotte alot of times but the last time they fight each other i think the queen will break the streak of asuka soon!

  3. My wm 34 card

    1. Finn balor vs brock lesnar universal championship. Balor never loss the universal title anyway so why not have balor recapture the title by defeating lesnar.

    2. Aj styles vs nakumura for the wwe championship

    3. John cena vs samoa joe

    4. Reigns vs strowman
    I know this match has already happened a few times but wwe shouldve save this rival for wm 34 this is clearly a wm type match

    5. Rollins vs Ambrose street fight

    6. Randy orton vs baron corbin. Viper vs lone wolf

  4. wrestlemania 34.

    andre the giant memorial battle royal match.

    finn balor vs john cena(us title)

    new day vs usos(hell in the cell match)(tag championship)

    braun strowmen vs randy orton(intercontinental title)

    bobby roode vs seth rollins

    sheamus and cesaro vs big cass and enzo amore(tag title)(ladder match)

    dean ambrose vs shane mcmahon

    aj styles vs shinsuke nakamura(wwe world heavyweight championship)

    kurt angle vs triple h(no disqualification match)

    brock lesnar vs roman reigns(wwe universal championship match)

  5. What i think will be on the card

    Reigns vs Lesnar
    Styles vs Nakamura
    Matt Hardy vs Wyatt
    Ambrose vs Rollins
    Orton vs Shane
    Cena vs Mahal
    Angle vs HHH
    Balor vs Miz
    Strowman vs Joe
    Corbin vs Ziggler
    Zayn & Owens vs Usos
    The Bar vs Revival
    Alexa Bliss vs Paige
    Charlotte vs Ember Moon


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