8 Shocking WWE Rumors For 2018 You Need To Know
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  1. Ricochet is going to turn into a boring "entertainer" like the rest that go there . and more than half his moves will be taken from him , this news is horrible for any fan of his that loves his work . no more 5 star matches like his with Will Ospreay and others who are allowed to wrestle as they want . thumbs down

  2. Summer Rae is gone from WWE,moron.Bray Wyatt downhill since he lost his'family'??Are you high or something?He won the SDL Tag title,and the WWE Title.It's always pro wrestling.never what your idiot name says.

  3. Ricochet is definitely coming Rey is definitely not. Undertaker is not ready to be done yet. Mahal dropped the title to AJ (thank god thats over) Wyatts not getting back together, although the Bludgeon Brothers gimmick is sure to fail so that is the only other one that may actually be true and this dude needs to find another hobby cuz your voice is annoying as hell

  4. Well Jinder mahal can't remain WWE champ because aj styles won it off him.
    aj styles went against Brock lesnar at survivor series and aj styles match against jinder is at clash of champions for the WWE championship which is on the 17th I think it's on a Sunday.


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