An iconic manager will make you a superstar. These managers will make you say, “Wait, who?”

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  1. what about harvey wifflemen , you know you suck at your job that you make stars out of no one you managed and your only career highlight is being the only man ever to win the women's championship

  2. You may remember the Jackyl who managed The Oddities and the Truth Commission, but how about the first manager of the Truth Commision, The Commendant?

    Hiroko– managed Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree

    The Baron — managed The Warlord and The Barbarian

    Mrs Cleavage / Marianna — Managed Harry "Beaver" Cleavage / Chaz

    Uncle Cletus Godwinn — manged The Godwinns

    Yamagauchi-San — managed the full Kaientai faction of Funaki, Taka, Togo and Teoh

    José Lothario — What did he really contribute to Shawn Michaels?

    Although well remembered:
    I always thought Sapphire was pretty worthless although she was in a WM match

    All Arnold Skaaland ever did was make Bob Backlund lose the title by throwing in the towel

  3. I remember absolutely all of these. Guess you had to watch for more than just the last 10 years.

    Managers You Might Have Missed
    Managers from a Bygone Age
    Unmemorable Managers
    Managers You Missed While Blinking

    …any of those would've seemed less condescending and ill-informed of the grasp your audience has on wrestling history.

  4. HELL YEAH TENNESSEE LEE!! I've been a deep fan of wrestling all 28 years of my life. I know more about it than most other things I enjoy. Every day I watch, read, and learn new things and when i got WWE 2K16 and Tennessee Lee showed up I was like What? Who? And most importantly HOW!? How do I not know who this is!? And if i don't know who this is, why is he in a videogame!?


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