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► Behind The Titantron Episodes (Wrestling Most Controversial):

Episode 1: Steroids In WWF:
Episode 2: Death Of Owen Hart:
Episode 3: WWF Sex Scandal:
Episode 4: Death Of The Benoit Family:
Episode 5: Mass Transit Incident:
Episode 6: The Murder Of Brusier Brody:
Episode 7: The Real Story of Wrestlemania:
Episode 8: The Plane Ride from Hell:
Episode 9: The Curtain Call:
Episode 10: Murder of Nancy Argentino
Episode 11: Montreal Screwjob (Part 1)
Episode 12: Montreal Screwjob (Part 2)
Episode 13: Montreal Screwjob (Part 3)
Episode 14: Murder of Dino Bravo
Episode 15: Black Saturday
Episode 16: WCW Racism Lawsuit Pt. 1
Episode 17: WCW Racism Lawsuit Pt. 2
Episode 18: Rise & Fall of Sunny
Episode 19: Death Of Miss Elizabeth
Episode 20: Von Erich Curse (Pt.1)
Episode 21: Von Erich Curse (Pt.2)
Episode 22: Von Erich Curse (Pt.3)
Episode 23: CM Punk vs. The WWE Pt. 1
Episode 24: CM Punk vs. The WWE Pt. 2
Episode 25: Self Destruction of Chyna
Episode 26: Self Destruction of Chyna Pt. 2

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  1. Seems that themes are recycled kind of like how hurricane names are reused until one is memorable enough to retire the name. Themes can be recycled with another wrestler until the wrestler hits big and makes the song synonymous and memorable with that specific wrestler. Then its doubtful it'll be used again for someone after that.

  2. I'm pretty sure that "This fire Burns.." Was not "Written for Randy Orton.." It's a Killswitch Engage song, Featured on the album, As Daylight Dies, which released in Late 06. It was not Written for any WWE Star, They just used it. Please Check your Sources.


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