Breaking down all the shows, tournaments, and leagues that make up New Japan Pro Wrestling’s 12 major monthly events.

Real Neat Puro #5

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  1. I've really been enjoying NJPW since I started with Wrestle Kingdom 10 & 11 a couple of months ago. Since I re-discovered my love for wrestling at the start of 2014, I've just stuck with what I know, which is WWE. The furthest I've gone into following an indie promotion is when WCPW were uploading weekly shows on YouTube, but I've always been too lazy to check out any of the other good stuff. I'm even too lazy to watch regular WWE nowadays, but maybe that's just because 3 hours of Raw and its commercials is usually a struggle to get through.

    I've been trying to catch up with NJPW's 2017 shows since I started watching WK11 (I'm about to watch Sakura Genesis), but before I signed up with NJPW World, I wasn't sure which of the shows were important and which were not. This video might make things easier to catch up with what's happened this year before the G1/Dominion kicks off. I'm excited to follow the promotion and check out some highlights from its history.

    Thankyou for your videos about NJPW so far.


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