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  1. The network and all the replays and whatnot should be 9.99 but the PPV's upcoming should be $5 or something for the PPV's PPV. Kind of like how Hulu has the normal service subscription but you have to pay an additional fee for(in Hulu's case) no commercials and certain TV channels but in this case all the content except the PPV's which is an additional fee.

  2. you could make the argument that the lower price has brought in more viewers. for example, i never used t buy ppv's before the network, now they get 9.99 from me every month.

  3. 10 bucks a months times 1.5 million = About 15 million per month just from wwe network. now figure out ticket sales, merch sales, live events and every other thing wwe has going. I think the network is good for everyone

  4. the WWE network has benefited the fans a lot more than WWE.For the price of one wrestlemania PPV buy I can watch literally anything I want in the history of WWE,WCW,ECW and the NWA whenever I want for 6 months.(7 if you include the free month)

  5. 2 things somewhat left out:
    less dependency on tv
    fans from new countries. Belgium (Western-Europe) e.g. did not have acces to raw/smackdown/pay-per-views before network

  6. Could it be for two other reasons? 1. Sports Entertainment is growing, or has grown tiresome to fans. It insults their intelligent. Because when you go from sports to entertainment, you get this sort of CRAP. and 2. there are way to many PPV's and people just don't care? Or a combo of the two. That and the fact that Vince is a crusty old man who needs to be put out to pasture.

  7. Long term, the network is probably going to be a huge benefit. If you could watch Smackdown and Raw live on It, it would be a must have for any fan and basically be the prototype for the future of television as a whole.

    It's hard to say how much the network really effects the revenue, as many that buy it wouldn't the full price ppv. Plus, giving away shows for less may increase merch sales, and many people who watch it on the network now would have used an illegal streaming site (although some cheapasses still Do, probably). Let's see how things pan out. The exposure for NXT and 205 Live could be the trigger to get fresh talent in and be the shot to the arm the company needs

  8. Gimme less PPVs a year if that means that there's proper storytelling and build up between them. Right now there seems to be a plethora of events that seem to get thrown together for reasons. "Feuds" that stop as soon as the PPV is over before it's time to be mad at the next person. There's no aftermath, no payoff, no reason to turn anyone heel or face because the reason for doing so gets lost. Belts that aren't the main 4 (Universal, World, both women's titles) get lost in 8 man tags, ladder matches galore, etc, and that's sad. There's so many performers on the roster yet they keep filling prime time with returning talent, which perpetuates more battle royales or gimmick matches to get everyone enough screen time. It's a hot mess.

  9. once the PPV model collapses, you'll just have the network which is clearly what WWE wants then like Netflix and Hulu, incrementally raise the network prices.

    Do the wrestlers still use the phrase "Pay Per View"? I always thought it was funny when they did in the past. I can't recall them using that phrase currently but I'm not looking for it. Totally sucked you right out of the belief suspension.

  10. bright side, I don't believe WWE would have taken the risk of women main eventing a ppv if that cost $40 or $60. That Baylee vs Sasha match was epic and one of the best NXT match's I have ever seen. I love the risk taking they can do now and it has overall made for better shows in my opinion.


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