Yo gang, welcome to your very first Angular 2 tutorial for beginners…

Angular 2 is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for creating dynamic web applications, and comes hot on the tail of it’s incredibly popular predecessor, Angular 1.

A lot has changed since then, so through this ng2 series, I’ll be guiding you through how to create a we app from scratch, and teaching you the core essentials along the way…

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  1. So when I see job adverts asking for Angular, are they asking for Angular 1 the Js link or are they asking for Angular(2/4) what these tutorials are about ?

  2. I was watching this same tutorial almost an exact year ago. You taught me Angular 2 and I've had plenty of jobs/contracts since then. I moved onto React, but here I am again refreshing my memory with my very first framework 🙂
    Love your channel

  3. Done Node and Express..2 to go Now focusing on Angular..hope this playlist is fun(i know it will be)..right getting into it..!!

  4. Hey there, just finished your MongoDB, ExpressJS, and Node series and it really gave way to unlocking understanding of the backend of the stack. Just as a request, is there any possibility for a MEAN stack or a Full stack series that has a project embedded within it?

  5. Your tutorials are amazing and best on youtube and even than paid tutorials keep up on that ,just small request if you could make some tutorials about some projects using things we have learnt from your channel ,that would be very helpful 😀

  6. hi
    i am just lil bit confused.
    your suggestion will be worth alot question is i am switching from angular 1, so should i learn angular 2 or angular 4 ? :/
    please suggest me

  7. Well organized tutorials & explanation as well. Thanks a lot. Just completed with your node js tutorial & started with angular 2. Keep up the good work

  8. I am very beginner at Angular JS 1. Should I learn Angular 2 instead of Angular JS 1 or just going with Angular JS1 because of Angular 2 is really different then Angular 1.

  9. Started watching ur Tutorials from Today.. and u are teaching very well..!! Could u add More Tutorials to this list covering more sections from AJS2?

  10. I think this tutorial is great! It moves quickly to help you build a small application. Net Ninja does a great job of explaining the key principles of each lesson. The tutorial was made with RC4 (Release Candidate 4). Since then, there have been RC5, RC6, and RC7, until they moved to semantic version 2.0.0 in October, 2016. I completed the tutorial with V2.4.4. The fact that I had to work through a few problems actually helped me learn and remember. I recommend giving it a try! Thanks, Net Ninja!


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