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  1. hey ninja, thank u very much! Your playlist's are awesome, i can watch it's in one breath. Best angular tutor for newbies ever!!!

  2. Thanks for this awesome series. I am still waiting for your series on latest version of Angular 2 and Firebase. Can you also release a series on Angular 4 please?

  3. Thanks for yet another great series.

    Had a small request, though. Usually in your series repos, you would only put certain assets. Can you please, also, put the final project code in the repos of all these tutorials you do. It helps a lot because in every tutorial you try to teach different concepts through a certain project/app and the final app code implements all the basic stuff taught in the series. I often find myself revisiting old videos to look at how a certain concept is implemented. I just feel if instead of the video I had the final app code for reference, it would have been a lot more quick and would help me revise the concepts. Granted I can always code along and have my copy of the final code but I do not feel comfortable learning that way. It would be great if the tutorial repos contained the final code as well.


  4. Has anyone found material on how to update or delete an individual entry using Google Firebase and ngFor? <<I am having a very difficult time accessing key value pairs in order to make the update or delete calls to Google Firebase>>

  5. even there's a lot of error when i follow your video tutorial, but i can solve this to the end, thanks for your great explanation, and for all of the people who give a really really helpful comment, it was really great to know this angular 2 from you all, thank you 🙂

  6. in the future video please teach us with angular 2 final release .. 😃 thanks .. i like all of your angie tutorial..


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