Hey all, in this Angular 2 tutorial for beginners, I’ll introduce you to how components work. Components are the building blocks with which Angular 2 applications are made with. Pretty much every individual section of your website is a component – your article, your sidebar etc.

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  1. Why ur not using main concept of modules , why are u skipping concept of feature module / root module. Is it not required.

  2. Hi Net Ninja glad to have your course on youtube it's very easy to follow along , but does this course is based on final version of angular 2?

  3. Great tutorial so far, however I've noticed that your workings are slightly different then explained in different Angular 2 course I followed on Udemy ( For example in the other Angular2 course the html and css were written in the component itself, instead of having separate files. Also when running the angular-cli the mapstructure is different – there is no dis folder.

    The recording of your tutorial (05/08/2016) seems pretty up to date, so I was wondering on what beta/release version your tutorial is based?

    Looking forward to your reply and keep up the awesome work :))!

  4. Hey buddy! Thanks a lot for these tutorials, they help quite a bit. May I ask, what makes you stick to Windows? Either Linux or OSX are much better and comfy for development IMO!


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