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  1. Ninja, I'm looking into Angular. Would you recommend I start with this playlist of yours or move to a more recent playlist. I have plenty of Node JS experience but zero angular experience.

  2. I needed to make an app, in the tutorial it said i should know AngularJS, so i came to learn AngularJs, then in AngularJS tutorial it said i need to know JavaScript. I don't have that much time T-T ( but definitly still gonna do it, thanks a lot!)

  3. I am taking web design course and our instructor didn't explain things well soo I am watching your series (JavaScript & AngularJS) and I'm really finding them useful!
    Thanks man!

  4. I have been through many tech-tutorials, but this has been "THE" best Angular.Js tutorial.
    The way of explanation, the approach were simply awesome.
    Learned a lot from it.
    Thank You 🙂

  5. Excuse me Mr. Ninja, but is this Angular 1 or 2? Or does it not matter? Would like to learn Angular 2 but don't know if the things learned in these lessons would apply to Angular 2. By the way I love your videos!

  6. just had an interview with a Chinese web dev company and they were aaallll about the Angular!!!

  7. Hi, first of all, your designs are awesome – from video covers, to youtube channel art to webpage – it's just awesome and so consistent. So much attention to detail & very creative. It's just wow. That being said (HAD to say that), anything coming up on Angular 2? (now that it's out of beta). Love the energy in your videos. Thanks for your service to the developer community.

  8. Hey! Found this station by seeing one of your videos on Code for Fun's page, specifically the ngRouter one. If you weren't already aware that your video is there, I just wanted to let you know. He didn't credit or link back to you, and I only discovered that Code for Fun likely wasn't you because another video in the same playlist had an Indian accent. That said, I liked the ngRouter video but wanted to see the rest of your tuts. 🙂

  9. I'm self taught HTML, CSS, MySQL and some JS (& JQuery) and PHP, almost exclusively via YouTube. Your tutorials are some of the best I've come across, very thorough and well explained, without being repetitive.

    I've watched a few MVC videos, as I'd like to use Laravel/Lumen, but they go from very basic, to advanced, with no intermediary steps, so this playlist looks like it could be ideal!

    Keep up the good work!


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