Hey dawgs, in this AngularJS tutorial, I’ll talk about MVC architecture, and how we can use this approach with our AngularJS applications. MVC stsnds for Model, View & Controller, and is just a programming methodology which aims to perform a separation of concerns within the code.

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  1. Mate, this is the best tuturials i have ever seen!.. have to learn angularJS and finnish a assingment for a job interview by sunday you my dear have helped me alot! ill share your channel with all devs i know of

  2. i have a question , why do we need angular when we can do same button using only jquery ajax and extracting the data from for example some mysql/php script. ?

  3. Great Videos,

    Just one thing (idk if you've done this for present videos) but please change the intro (ninja sound) to be less loud. I boos the volume to hear your voice but the sword sound is too loud.

  4. Hello!

    In the MCV pattern, where should I write the business rules, for example, taxes for a specific country ?

    Also , would apply to other frameworks, like Rails ?

    Best Regards


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