Yo ninjas, in this AngularJS tutorial, I’ll show you how we can ‘slick’ up our application using angular animations and the ngAnimate module. Angular animations are a seriously quick and easy way to add in cool looking transitions on your elements when they leave and enter your app.


  1. Hello guys,
    Great animated tutorial but I'm having a problem with my animation when I reload the page, the ninjas starting animate from the form to the left and after appearing to the top and that looks really bad any thoughts why this is happening?

  2. The animation effect is not taking place for me when I switch pages i.e from Home to List Ninjas and vice versa. Rest all animation effects are taking place except this one. I can't understand why? Can anyone help me plz??

  3. Hi, dude. I want to play the animation as soon as the "element" (h1, div, whatever) enters in the viewport. How can I do that? Thanks.


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