Yo ninjas, in this AngularJS tutorial, we’ll carry on looking at angular form validation, and how we can use the properties it provides us with to offer more extensive feedback to a user.

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  1. Hi ninja,

    I just want to add some question, I have try to follow you tutorial. Since i create validation in table so i put table name. But I have unsuccess to create ng-disable and show the message. I really hope that you can help me

  2. I may be missing something easy but im confused about a few things:

    1.How is contactForm an object just by making the form name contactForm
    2.Where is and come that also based on the name of the the inputs
    3.Where do the ng-model etc. come into play

  3. hi ninja.. thanks that was a nice tutorial abt form validation…I have a scenario where input field only allow numeric/alphanumeric… like tht is der any inbuilt function fr it…


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