Another WWE wrestler released, Broken Hardys WWE deal done and more in this WrestleTalk News April 2017…
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Impact Wrestling reportedly ban Broken Hardys ‘F*** That Owl’ t-shirts from tapings –

Matt Hardy tweets about Broken Hardys gimmick and an owl –

Wrestling News World on Matt and Jeff Hardy Broken gimmick to WWE being done –

WWE released Theophilus Agbi, via PWInsider –

When Theophilus Agbi first signed with WWE –

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  1. tna would be retarded if they didn't take that wwe money.that would be like a prideful bum on the street saying no to Donald trump who offered him a million bucks and a mansion all paid for.the hardys put them on the map and this is the thanks they get.tna can go and suck some castrated balls.still fresh

  2. leave it to Vince to break them up. I hate that aspect to Vince. They were on a roll a nd such a joy to watch with this broken gimmick. I actually got to like wrestling again. ewe just messes them up. I hope they keep them together. They should

  3. so i guess by now, the rumour of a done deal is fake? since the news of the OBSOLETEOWL filing for trademarks is rampant on the internet…?

    or could this be just another way by the OBSOLETEOWL to milk more money from the company of MEEKMAHAN?

    just hoping that the BROKENLORD will be able to bring his BROKENBRILLIANCE to the ENTERTAINMENT OF THE WORLD

  4. tna bans hardy shirts. riiiiigght….. so thats why theyre mooching off of selling jeff hardy and kurt angle merchandise and shirts right now. i feel another lawsuit coming. lmao.

  5. I will never get why WWE just didn't have at least Matt be broken if they just want him to be from Wrestlemania Have Reby playing the piano,him biting Enzo's ankle etc etc and just let Anthem sue him? What they will ever work together? The most they could get is like 10 million which I doubt they'd come close to getting. Vince spends that kind of money for birthday gifts for his grand kids I bet.


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