Hey gang, in this Asynchronous JavaScript tutorial, I’ll introduce you to what Async JS actually is, and how it benefits us as JavaScript developers. Asynchronous JS basically means, codes which starts now, and finishes at a later point in time. It is non-blocking JavaScript, in contrast to its opposite part, synchronous JS.

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  1. Hey Ninja…. your tutorials are really amazing, i learned a lot .

    but i'm looking for javascript unit testing tutorials like chai mocha… jasmine and karma…

  2. I've come to this video from working my hard way through the callback and promise part of 'YDKJS'. Seriously It helps me a lot to clarify all the ambiguous concepts I was stuck in this book. thanks.

  3. This is amazing! everytime I have a question about something I search in youtube and I just hope that you have done that tutorial, the 95% of the times is like that. Keep going, you are the best!

  4. Sick tute, man. Read through a half dozens explanations of Async, this one FINALLY set off the alarm bells. On board now, can't wait to watch the rest of your stuff!

  5. Hey, this is an excellent explanation but I want to clarify one thing. When running the code asynchronously, and you get a response, do you run the callback as soon as the thread that runs your code finishes with the last line of code it was executing, or does it add the callback to the end of the queue and execute it only when all the lines of code ahead of it are done? I believe it should be the first case because otherwise you will have the same problem with slow and unresponsive apps as you would with synchronous code because processing the response may take a long time. Can you confirm this?

  6. It can be a little confusing to state that Promises are better and Generators are awesome. You imply that Generators are better than Promises. While I see what were you aiming for, some beginners may think that they can pick either of two while in reality there is no opposition between the two and they coexist and complement each other.

    Besides that, can't believe I just find out about the channel.
    Keep up with awesome stuff man. Subscribed .

  7. Great tutorial! I really apreciate people who explain things from the ground up in a graphic manner… it's so hard to find tutorials as these, even good teachers tend to forget that for someone who hasn't work in the area being explained is hard to imagine things.

    Funny thing is, I recently studied both front and backend, I know I have worked with AJAX myself but I didn't know how to distinguish it or recognize it. So these explanations are great even for people who know the topic in question.

  8. How to Write JavaScript for in as of update panel ?
    My javaScript code not working after firing update panel. Please Upload a Solution

  9. Hi, great tutorials, very easy to understand what promises is and how to use them along with generators… though i have only 1 question, can you please tell me what Atom Theme (with purple color) you are using?

    thanks man! yoy ninja eeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

  10. Mehn… Your Tutorials are really good and helpful. Very organized. Your channel is now my number one channel for searching for any info.

  11. I just subscribed and I have to tell you: here, in Brazil, we don't have such a good classes. Even in youtube is hard to find such good channels like yours. When you find, it's in hindi.

    Congratulations for your channel. I've already watched all the flexbox, responsive design and animation tutorials and liked them all

  12. Just Wow!! Explained to me the concept that I was struggling with. Thanks to you I can explain it to others who need to understand it.


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