There has never been anyone like Jim Ross on commentary throughout the history of WWE. His unique catch phrases and enthusiasm is not able to be replicated. These are a few moments of that enthusiasm!



  1. Reading Jim Ross's book. He says that the key is to be in the moment and live it, feel it as you are saying it. He does voiceover play by play now on matches after they have occurred and says that although there's no getting around knowing who won, he never looks at the video before he records it "live" and wants no details on the action. He does it this way so that his reactions are all spontaneous, in the moment. The guy really understands the emotions that wrestling brings out in fans, no matter whether they are wise to the business or not.

  2. God I miss heyman and JR era they would fight every week but you’d always be looking forward to what was gonna happen tonight! Heymen and JR is the greatest


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