Plumpy must defeat Pacitti every day this week to regain the right to the name Adam. Can he do it?

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  1. I love how the old games took into account if you did a move a chair or in this case ring bell, 2k17 doesnt give a fuck. Also I tried to do a neckbreaker of the top of a ladder through a table but the fucking table doesnt even break!!!!

  2. I remember Andre the Giant in one of these games. He was Ultra Heavyweight so regular guys like Triple H, Cena and Angle couldn't pick him up. There was like 3-4 people in the game who could lift him.

  3. This one should have been the last one. The others I watched before this just because the games you played after so far are good but not like this one. You should do smackdown vs raw 2007 to end it and both of you should use the create part. I have that game and it is really fun and you can create a LOT with them. The look 100% unique the move set 100% unique. Even down to how they come to the ring


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