A must watch for all wrestling fans.
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  1. not being rude but, do you think the wife of mick was showboating for the cameras a little there?? Because of her the kids got all worked up!! the little boy seemed okish with it.

  2. You know, everyone goes through this at some point, no matter what their profession. Whether you're a wrestler, a factory employee, a football player, or a hotshot vice president of a bank. One moment you're the hungry new guy with his entire career ahead of him, and the next you're just an old veteran whose remaining time is very limited. Life is short. 100 years is just a blink of an eye in comparison to the age of the planet and the universe.

  3. APW is still around. Props to them for going this long.
    Glad Cornette was fired. Took them long enough to kick his dumb ass out of wwe/ovw.
    And Mick shows so much class treating the indie guys like a regular part of the locker room.

  4. I love the part where Stone Cold comes over to say hi to Mick and his family and doesn't say a word to the Rock. I believe this is where they didn't get along. Kind of funny how years later they would be good friends.

  5. On this movie we are seeing the beginning of a career on Droz, and the sad ending to a legendary career on Terry Funk. What people didn't know back then is that it would turn the total opposite.

  6. Vince Mcmahon Still Creates Stupid Gimmicks…19 years Later Funk Still Wrestles….Dave Meltzer Became Famous…..Mick Foley's Daughter…Noelle Foley Became Cute and Hotter…New Jack Is Now A Singer and Rapper…Many of the ECW Originals Are Still Wreslting….Jack Roberts Is Now OK…..Stopped Drinking Joined DDPYoga…The Rock Changed His Both Arm Tatoos….The Ref Helping Mankind Became the General manger Of Smackdown..HOLLA Holla….And All of them Changed A Lot…BTW This Was Damn Good


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