Two high school seniors put their friendship on the line to win the state wrestling championships.


Starring Mark Hapka, John Wynn, Kurt Angle, Sara Fletcher, Jonathan Kowalsky, Kevin McCorkle, Brett Newton, Jerry Zatarain Jr., Christie Ann Burson and featuring Ken Shamrock
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  1. Like honestly I was an 17 year old senior in high school on the wrestling team waiting for this movie to come out and now I'm almost 25 and it's still nowhere to be found! I know they didnt spend all that money filming to just throw away the footage so where is it!?

  2. The movie looks great except the wrestling doesn't even look close to real. You can tell by the throws and when they get taken down the go to there back then try to get off it. A real wrestler will get to his stomach while he's being taken down

  3. Looks like no company want to distribute, so they will probably keep it later till a move executive wants a wrestling movie and release it then, or they will just put it up on the internet in 10 years. I think a pay per view website would be best until it's ripped and free but that is more money than they will make so.

  4. This movie looks good, got one question, and this might be a stupid one too….why would Bo drop weight class to beat this one guy who droped to get away from Bo, when he could of stayed in 160 and might have been state champ and never have to deal with him aging…..just asking.


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