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  1. I think Kevin and Shane will be at hell in the cell Cena and Roman probably at survivor series I think got no mercy it's going to be John versus Samoa Joe and Roman versus the Miz for the Intercontinental championship

  2. roman has faced 3 legends in the main event of Wrestlemania ( brock Lesnar, triple h, the undertaker) in a row. if he is in the main event of Wrestlemania for the fourth time in a row I will seriously stop watching wwe. vince McMahon must really like roman. vince also masturbates watching roman fight big sweaty men

  3. What Bobby roode is doing is exactly what Kevin Owens did. When he debuted on the main roster to fight John Cena he was still nxt champ. He didn't lose that until months after he made his main roster debut. Talk about a work horse…

  4. Sucks they banned Beach Balls I was at Raw Monday and their was like 7 of them that was being thrown around. I know it's disrespectful to the stars but the crowd is there to have fun. "No sleep for you Bobby Roode" LOL that made me laugh.


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