Big TNA backstage releases and changes, WWE wants a TNA champion and more in this WrestleTalk News from Dec. 2017
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Big TNA IMPACT Wrestling backstage releases and changes, via PWInsider –

WWE interested in TNA Impact Wrestling’s Laurel Van Ness, via Cage Side Seats –

Laurel Van Ness wants to leave TNA Impact Wrestling, via F4WOnline –

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  1. Gosh I wish Vince would just buy, Impact wrestling already, and get it over with it. It's annoying that Vince didn't buy it sooner. somebody should put this company out of its misery, and Impact wrestling is clearly underpaying talent, and surely can't be making a profit. Plus Impact offered to pay people to be in the crowd at Bound for Glory this year.

  2. Chelsea Green Impact release been apparently denied. She has confirmed she will be at the January Tapings next month. Also ITS IMPACT WRESTLING NOT TNA!!! Stop calling Impact tna Wrestletalk

  3. TNA and ROH need to combine, I know this is dumb but with Cody Rhodes Kenny omega young bucks, Bobby lashly. You get cm punk to sign jack swagger, then you get a. 7-9 time slot. On national TV maybe go to Syfy. Even feed the beast. Bring in the bug guy. As many talents as possible and I'm sure Matt n Jeff didn't sign for long. Enough talent there to be on tv

  4. I think that we should buy tna get who they can from there send them to nxt train them for 6 months debut them then for the next 6 months build them then the next year make nxt its on brand do another draft spread the talent semi equally but leave room free agent on nxt and only use new talent for house shows until ready for more

  5. Shew even I can see that TNA needs a big shake up and I feel that TNA needs to bring back Tara but as GM of TNA or any position to control the company I feel that she is very passionate and have tons of experience about wrestling and bringing Talent to the Roster and have so many ideas to make it watchable again I hope they can reach out to her TNA just needs to start doing things that WWE refuse to do but I will say this TNA isn't dead they just need former wwe employees that was once a Wrestler who can make the company management better…

  6. I'm the first person to say this and i seriousl have a question – who is the masked man in the fashion files episodes? Guys, remember me if this is mentioned anywhere.

  7. Bring back John Morrison aka Jonny Impact on TNA/GFW.I would like to see John Morrison on SmackDown in the mid card.
    Another wrestler i want is James Storm to come on SmackDown.
    Last superstar from TNA/GFW i want to see on NXT to replace Drew McIntyre is EC3 as top face.

  8. Hardly new news, Storm was announced to be leaving before BFG, there was rumour that EC3 was off too. Be sad to see Dutch leaving, felt like he was one of the good guy but I've got faith in D'amore and cheddle, and I've not said that about impact management in a long time! LVN wouldn't be a huge loss to the KO division IMO, her current character isn't really champion material anyway.

  9. I swear most of the “stories” are just made up and gossip. But wrestletalk will jump on anything. For example that kid saying AJ is going to retire after wrestlemania


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