Big WWE star injured & retiring soon, WWE 2K18 news and more in this WrestleTalk News Sept. 2017…
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WWE 2K18 playable characters announced with Corey Graves, Renee Young, Tyler Breeze and Fandango, via IGN –

List of wrestlers not included in WWE 2K18 roster yet, via PWInsider –

Tony Nese about not being in WWE 2K18, via Twitter –

Big Show having hip surgery, via Twitter –

Big Show’s in-ring WWE career over, via Cage Side Seats –

Big Show hints at February 2018 retirement from in-ring WWE career, via The Sun –

Kevin Owens tweets Big Show –

Braun Strowman thanks Big Show on Instagram –

WWE Raw, Sept. 4, 2017 ratings, via F4WOnline –

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  1. Big Show has been boring for years, booked terribly, and puts me to sleep with his endless head butts and chest slaps. This was a good match, even though it included several needless climbing attempts instead of just walking out the cage (but all steel cage matches have those). Let him retire with the memory of this good match, or else we'll see him brought back to feud with Big Cass again….

  2. I honestly think that the only reason WWE are getting the Undertaker to wrestle again is because all the fans literally hate Reigns for "retiring" the beloved Undertaker (and reminding us in every promo). If their plan is to get Reigns over then bringing Taker back ticks one of the things off of the list. Either that or the Undertaker himself is sick to death of constantly hearing Roman say"I'm the man that retired the Undertaker" because i have to admit,i'm sick to death of hearing him say it. It would be so funny if that is the reason and because Taker has so much influence with WWE/Vince he comes back and defeats Reigns to get his revenge and shut him the heck up! If Taker kicks Romans arse we will never hear those sad,pathetic words come out of Romans mouth again.Fingers crossed! If Takers coming back to fight Cena i just can't see the point.The really over older guys should be fighting the younger guys to help get them get over with the fans, not each other (which does absolutely nothing for either of them), surely this is just common sense booking?

  3. I am probably alone in saying I was honestly disappointed at Tony Nese not being included in the game… They could have at least bothered putting in the entire 205 Live roster that they debuted with. It's not like the roster has expanded since (besides Enzo)…

  4. I've got a bad hip. I think I'll jump about 10 feet just to elbow a guy. I call it, the suicide elbow. Now had I landed on him, might actually have hurt him more than me. But I enjoy this move almost as much as swan diving into an empty pool.

  5. Here's the thing with Big Show:
    He WILL FOR SURE have a Wrestlemania match this year as a send-off..
    And he's absolutely like Andre The Giant where he can just come do special one-off matches at 'Mania and SummerSlam and we'd wanna see it.


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