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It’s a land of suplexes, slams, Superkicks, and scripted promos. But is wrestling “real?” Or is it all a bunch of fakery? Here’s a look at the biggest myths about wrestling that people actually believe…

Wrestling is “fake” | 0:21
The blood is “bogus” | 1:02
Super strength | 1:40
Referees enforce the rules | 2:17
Hit parade | 2:50
Party like a rock star | 3:18
Steroids | 3:40

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  1. Wrestling is fake. So does The Walking Dead and The Avengers. It's clear by the name World Wrestling 'Entertainment'. People watch it to entertain themselves by engaging story lines with fun, comedy, betrayal and action. It's like a movie with LIVE stunts in front of millions. Plus the stunts are carried out by actors themselves. That's not an easy thing to do and need superior skills than staged actors in movies.

  2. Wrestling is staged. But that doesn't mean people do not get hurt for real. People are quick to say it's fake but they don't know the politics behind it all. Also as a fan I pretty much know all of this already.

  3. You say Dan Brian was not taking steroids. Look at him when he first got there and look at him when he left. He wasn't huge, but look at his head. Looked like a little goblin or ogre Steroids cause abnormal bone growth.

  4. People in general are dumb and can't think for themselves. So even though you could logically argue that using the word "fake" is fallacious, it doesn't fit the norm and therefore YOU are deemed the stupid person because you deviate from the norm.

  5. adding on to hits…. most of the shots to the torso arms and legs are real head shots used to be before concussions and brain damage started cutting lives short like the benoit incident


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