A bloody Memphis studio brawl is touched off after a “Loser Leaves Town vs Masks” match featuring Jerry Lawler and Tommy Rich going against “Fire & Flame” for their masks at the Mid-South Coliseum during a special Friday night show on the previous night. Fire & Flame lost their masks at the event, revealing themselves to be Dirty Rhodes and Don Bass.

The following Saturday morning, a victorious Tommy Rich enters the TV5 studio with the usual fanfare as kids rush to greet the platinum-haired star. It’s just another Saturday morning as the kids gather around their televisions to watch Ol’ Wildfire in action. But his scheduled match with Keith Roberson is interupted when Fire & Flame (Dirty Rhodes and Don Bass) along with Larry Wright (Torch) run in and beat Tommy to a bloody pulp with a chain and a steel chair. With blood all over the place and kids going into shock, Eddie Marlin threatens to suspend them if they don’t leave the studio. Tommy, a blood-soaked mess, is then helped out of the area.

Afterwards, when the ruthless attackers are being interviewed by Lance Russell, Tommy comes back, still bloody, but now he has Jerry Lawler in tow. Jerry himself is all beaten and bruised because (allegedly) Fire, Flame and Torch ran him off the road earlier this morning, then pulled him out of his car and assaulted him. Now the King is mad, buddy! He could KILL them…

Date: September 27, 1986
Location: WMC TV5 Studio, Memphis
Play-by-play: Lance Russell, Dave Brown
Referee: Jerry Calhoun

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  1. As for the bad guys-What a bunch of fat, bloated, disgusting slobs!!! They probably made McDonald's their favorite place to eat. Yeeck!!!! They look like walking advertising for heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke(s), and so on!!! How could ANY wrestling organization allow people like these to work for them? They actually make Kevin Owens (WWE) look thin! Kevin could stand to lose some weight, but he ain't as bad off as these balloons were!

  2. WWF (1986) – Say your prayers, train and take your vitamins

    CWA Memphis (1986) – Studio brawls ,blood ,sweat and paying the price!

    Kind of wish I got Memphis on Saturdays now rather the BS I had…then again I had Crockett so it worked out for me

  3. It says Dirty Rhodes but tried to look him up and it says Dusty Rhodes. He doesn't look like Dusty, maybe Dusty's brother. I did some more digging and found out this is actually Roger Smith. I guess he was trying to look like Dusty Rhodes. . .

  4. +rusty Sheppard,those cut up wrasslers weren't the true wrestlers or tough guys guys would just blow em up and leave em suckin for wing I figure,(I was wondering if maybe dirty Rhodes was ol' bobby Jaggers, he partnered with dickie for awhile as new Texas outlaws I believe, and ran pretty hard in Portland and others, & I always wished the Kansas jayhawks would of been given a shot at nwatag straps, a Vancouver WA born man I hear, not far from my hometown…keep real wrestling alive, and keep advocating for the old nwa partner


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