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  1. Thanks for the lessons, really helpful! However still feeling weird about that bunch of classes for every minimal change in design. I mean i was taught to divide html and css as much as possible and Bootstrap in general looks to me like anti-pattern for this rule. I guess it may be solved by using sass mixins but i am not sure it would be so much easier and faster than building sites without any frameworks. So i am a bit confused about the idea of using it. The lessons are awesome though. Go on)

  2. For someone that started coding for a couple of months now, making his way into the Front-End world, do you recommend him using Bootstrap? When I started building websites, Bootstrap became a very important tool, because it was pretty easy to get your hands on and the results using it were also the most convincing.
    The problem is, I believe there is a lot of things I can do with Bootstrap, that I potentially could not/have a hard time reproducing without it. I understand the mechanisms behind it, and the way it takes advantage of CSS and JS, but if I had to code certain things with Vanilla JS, it would became a pain in the ass without googling things.
    So my question is : Is using Bootstrap as a backbone for your projects with custom CSS, suitable for any website out there, and if its not the case, what are the limits of it for the website and yourself?

    Your videos are very helpful ty 😉

  3. Does this series cover everything..coz the bootstrap 3 series has more number of videos. Should I go thru the bootstrap 3 series first?

  4. Thanks a lot for giving us these tuts. 😍

    second thing. how can i use the doc in bootstrap offline? so i can do web development when i dont have internet with me.?

  5. hey ninja! first off… thanks for all the tutorials, i've already done a few, and they've saved my ass a few hundred times. Wondering if you were going to cover the use of carousels in b4…
    thanks again!

  6. I've been coding without a css frameworks for a while and I can definitely see how much time i can save if i start using bootstrap. One of the reasons that i stayed away from bootstrap 3 (or foundation) is because of the heavy uses of classes, i find it restrictive and messy sometimes. This series definitely changed my mind a little bit, i'm going to start playing around with it and hopefully i can incorporate it to my workflow. Thanks Ninja

  7. Thanks very much for your hard work in publishing this series of videos. Enjoyed them, and sad they have ended. Yours sincerely, The Angular Avenger! 😉


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