Hey, in this Bootstrap 4 tutorial I’ll be going over the basics of the Bootstrap 4 grid system (which is very similar to the original Bootstrap 3 grid). This will prep us for taking a look at some of the added flexbox features in the next lesson.

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  1. Hey Net Ninja, how did you get Atom to auto end your opened tags? The tutorials are great btw, thank you very much for all your effort. Helps many people!

  2. Thanks a lot. I have a question,I only include bootstrap.min.css but when i inspect an element in chrome devtools,i see _grid-frameworks.scss is affecting my element,how could this happen?

  3. Your tutorials are untouchable…no extra faff or non stop repeating, just to the point and only the info needed. The code is easy to see…if people cant get the ideas and concepts after watching these, there no hope for them
    This is how all tuts should be…


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