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  1. How would I size the carousel to not take up the whole page? I would like it to be only about 300px or 400px high… Any help would be appreciated… Thanks in advance!!

  2. how do we get rid of the next arrow when we reach the last slide. I mean after we use wrap:false the next arrow is still there. How to make it disappear when we are in the first slide or last slide?

  3. hi, great tutorial! i would like to know how to use 2 or more carousels in 1 page. I´ve tried to change ids but prev and next buttons are not working… thanks

  4. Hey Ninja, i have a doubt, i wrote the script exactly as it is shown in your video but for some reason it doesnt change the intervals, or the pause or any of the settings inside that las script, Any ideas why it isnt working?
    By the way, these are really great tutorials man, keep the good work 😛

  5. Hey man, you added only one "active" in the "ninja div" and not the others, but all of them where in the carousel, don't you need to make every single div active in other to be in the carousel?


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