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  1. Sting was GM in TNA. Also created the main event mafia. They'd get a lot more people watching with sting as GM. They could ever reform the main event mafia. They got sting , Kurt angle and samoa joe, can't remember the 4th member. They could have aj as the 4th.

  2. Knowing that bitch Stephanie McMahon triple h would be the new triple h the reason why smackdown has better ratings why smackdown despite losing at survivor series smackdown is the new a show of wwe

  3. I think once you had put in for retirement and you was in ducted into the Hall of Fame I think you should not be able to wrestle and do anything in rain been announcement and a general manager that's different Kurt Angle Triple H and Shane McMahon should not have been in the Fela five Point Blank did give the young wrestlers young Talent a chance to prove themself … y'all already did what y'all was sent to do let these other guys have a chance to prove themself.. if you was going to continue wrestling why put your name in the Hat for retirement and in the Hall of Fame .. so I think all the ones that put there name in hat for Hall of Famer and I'm retired need to stay out of the ring..

  4. the WWE general manager Theodore long Vickie Guerrero she was a hot chick she was facing Stephanie a man long time ago last year chocolate Sarah Cole when were Eddie Guerrero Eevee very proud for his wife beat up Latino Heat what is forever we want see Rey Mysterio to come back and when the the tile again

  5. back in the year 2004 Kurt Angle the Hall of Famer he was a injured by The Big Show he he got thrown off the balcony but everybody saw the boy came in at his head and has a seizure but you can remember he was a handicap screw everybody up before the tile like he did to Eddie Guerrero for the United States champion the WWE champion & John Cena nobody else nearest screw like the Brothers of Destruction r i p rest in peace


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