One of Britain’s most popular wrestlers, the unbeatable bone-crushing force of Giant Haystacks, who stood 6ft 11in & 45 stone or so at heaviest. The greatest!



  1. As an American wrestling fan for over 40 years..I've seen them all. I watched the old tapes of Buddy Rodgers and etc. But the U.K wrestlers and fans can be right there with us ''Yanks'' anytime. GOD bless all the U.K wrestlers through the years who helped made it , what it is today.

  2. Two grossly overweight men fondly sharing sharing gentle love taps. My late six stone grannie could have taken them both out together in a serious scrap. But all good fun and God bless them both. They were great entertainment.

  3. You know by all accounts Giant Haystacks was a very nice person in the wrestling and public community. I wonder if it was hard for him to be portrayed as a bad guy all the time when he was the complete opposite.

  4. oh my god…this is utter shit… but u know what? this is probably what formed modern day fake wrestling that is done to look quite real….so you have to take your hat off to these guys.


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