Check out what Brock Lesnar has to say about whether or not pro wrestling requires real athleticism. See more of Lesnar’s interview at Lesnar’s debut in the UFC Octagon will be live on Pay-Per-View, Saturday Feb 2! The big question will be answered – CAN HE FIGHT?



  1. If pro wrestling can humble a man who I think could beat up Jupiter if he wanted to like Brock Lesnar, I can only imagine how tough you have to be to do it. Mad respect to all Pro Wrestlers.

  2. why would you ask brock freaking lesnar for a body slam to the people that said that to him you are all faggots who know shit about true pro wrestling and that it can be dangerous and reckless for more than 70 percent of the time you fuckwits and after watching this video I respect brock lesnar so much more for standing up for pro wrestling and not being like all the other motherfuckers like bitchboy Connor McGregor and saying it's fake and not acutely doing research and seeing matches with Kurt and lesnar and watching these guys and the fact that they don't really show at all the fake factor to wrestling

  3. It's like what Denzel Washington said in Training Day when Ethan Hawke wouldn't let him read his newspaper. He said most of the news in the newspaper is bullshit, but he read it anyway because it entertains him

  4. people say lesnar dont care for the business yet here he is paying RESPECT. while hes in the UFC. now hes back. sure hes making money but this video shows clearly that he respects it. something the internet fan fuckbois always hate on lesnar for. but god forbid we mention little cm punk. who actually shit all over his fans and left for 45 seconds of getting checked by mickie gall. lesnar is the real deal people. he legit gets upset when people call wrestling fake. cm punk im sure wouldn't give two shits and say some smart ass shit like im in the ufc.

  5. This makes a perfect video for all the moronic MMA fans (or anyone for that matter) who constantly shout out that wrestling's fake. Here you have a ruthless MMA athlete at a time he was long gone from wrestling (when additionally he never even had any love for it if we're being honest), and he's giving the unbiased truth about wrestling (from a non-wrestling media source) as someone who had been there and experienced it all.

    Professional wrestling is not fake. It's real – real in the sense that it's actually there, defining itself accordingly without any contradictions, and serving its purpose. If what you're trying to say is that the content is scripted and choreographed, WE FUCKING KNOW! That's the point! Hell, that's why some people prefer wrestling over MMA, as they don't want to risk paying a high price to see a fight when either fighter could potentially submit or get knocked out within a minute or two. But calling wrestling fake in that way is like calling a female dog a bitch – it's technically true, but you don't use that word, because it's derogatory and needless. In the case of wrestling, it's very disrespectful to those who sacrifice so much to entertain audiences. Staged is a correct term. Plus, it's completely hypocritical for you to complain about wrestling being staged when you would never do the same in regards to films or theatre (which by the way provide a far safer working environment where actors don't commit to a full-time schedule with no off-season that consists of them taking constant bumps and practicing God-knows how many hours to keep it safe and in shape, unlike what wrestlers do).

    Basically what I'm saying is that all you lot constantly shouting "It's all fake shit, UFC's real fighting!" need to shut the fuck up, leave wrestling fans alone and let them enjoy it. You just don't understand what wrestling's about and how people connect with it.

  6. WWE/WF/TNA/Underground/Lucha- you can get injured for lifetime and can never be cured. But generally you push the limits cos referee never stops a match. Most of injuries are really hard .
    UFC- Everytime you get teeth , ear or you know facial injuries. 60% you get your chin broken.But generally they can be cured and referee stops match if you have bad injury


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