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  1. brock win the match but Show win the fight, he only got suplex city and f5 and that's how he prove a beast? pretty boring.. he surely can get better booed than roman's if he make his appearance in wwe every week

  2. Brock pls have DNA testing through, to trace your ancestry bloodlines. I think you have Viking roots from Norway, Sweden, Scandinavian bloodlines. I think you are Viking & you should have played Conan the Barbarian in the movie, instead of Arnold.

  3. lol y wwe is now making brock a less dominating wrestler…when brock hits clothesline u need to fall down was before…just check royal rumble 2016 how he reacted when braun didnt fall from his clothesline…lol he hited a hard one

  4. i am an heart breaking fan of brock but now its really boring. Better brock play your real moves and beat every one like you did to Randy orton. of your working for money alone better retire. and goldberg too sucks after watching him playing in royal rumble he is not fit better both legends retire from wwe. I wish brawn strowman vs brock will be a great match.


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