Brock Lesnar WWE Royal Rumble 2018 match leaked, Brock Lesnar for Creed 2 and more in this WrestleTalk News Dec. 2017…
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Brock Lesnar vs Kane vs Braun Strowman for WWE Royal Rumble 2018, via Wrestling Observer Radio –

Sylvester Stallone teases Brock Lesnar for Creed 2, via Instagram –

Brock Lesnar for Creed 2 just a publicity stunt for now, via F4WOnline –

WWE Raw Dec. 11, 2017 ratings, via F4WOnline –

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  1. This still leaves open the idea I had that I posted on a few youtube vids and even tweeted out to Triple H and Heyman. Brock goes into the Rumble and wins it. Following night on Raw, Heyman says there isn't anyone on Raw talented enough to defeat the beast and vacates the title saying he's heading to Smackdown to take on AJ at WM. Putting over AJ while pushing the current talent on Raw to step up. I think it's a win/win. If Brock is really leaving WWE, you put AJ over at WM writing Brock off and you get to feature the talented wreslters on Raw more now that the title is open and bring some luster to that title since it has been off TV for so long…..I honestly forget sometimes that Raw even has a championship belt, lol.

  2. I hope he leaves. He has no talent, charisma, and if he even goes into the Hollywood business, I don't know what he's going to do, because he's literal waste, and can't do anything, but as long as his pink, pale, stupid, worthless ass isn't in WWE anymore, I'm happy.

  3. Vince and Finn are just trolling us. They both know Finn is over and they’re using this gimmick to get him even more over. Vince would’ve done something already to anyone else tweeting that kind of stuff. Finn’s plans were scrapped so that he can be a part of the rumble. Finn is gonna win the Royal Rumble and go on to defeat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.

  4. thankfully the wee little folk won't be going against Lesnar. no one who has any brains believes that Balor could get a win over Lesnar even with everyone in wwe coming out and holding Lesnar down. Balor just isn't bad enough to take Lesnar and if wwe ever puts Balor over on Lesnar wwe's stock will plummet as everyone turns to tna and says "save us tna."

    as for the boring triple threat match that we all knew was coming I am so looking forward to taking a bathroom break during that waste of time slot period.

  5. I honestly don’t watch wrestling anymore. I only watch this channel because Oli Davis is hilariously talented. Did you hear how accurate he got Sylvester Stallone’s speech impediment!? Lmfao I love It man.


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