The SmackDown LIVE women’s division squares off in a Six-Woman Tag Team showdown.
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  1. natalya is such a loser….
    she is not fit as a women's champ…
    give me break.. she was scared to face charllote… then what? she used a cheap shot to dissqualified herself from hell in the cell match…
    now she intends to end charllote.. the greatest female atlet in the roaster?

  2. Lana needs to stop being so cocky. She is too confident thinking she can get in the ring with one of the best women's divisions there ever has been. This division is so competitive and hard. Lana has no chance because she has been out of the ring for too long. Carmella also needs to stop being cocky- yes she won the money in the bank contract- but she thinks she is the best there is but she isn't. She looks back on the fights with Nikki Bella, she is ashamed inside that she can't even hurt Nikki but on the outside is really confident. Nikki Bella is one of the hardest to fight- if she can't fight her without help from James Ellsworth then good luck Carmella with fighting the Smackdown roster off your back. #PrincessOfStatenIslandisnomore #Smackdown #Womensdivision


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