Chris Benoit warned us about murdering his family, wife, son



  1. All the panty waist Krispen Wah fans need to just accept reality; This promo is totally legit and is not edited or manipulated in any way. I remember seeing this promo on Smackdown and it was exactly as it is shown here.

    At 0:13 That was not a cut or an edit; He almost sneezed, but caught himself.

    This is 100% legit. All the little bitch boy fanboys need to just accept reality that Krispen Wah was a fucking asshole monster that's rotting in Hell right now, sucking on Satan's 18 inch cock while tickling Charlie Manson's balls while getting sodomized by Adolf Hitler. That is a Fact.

  2. Illuminati killed him and his family. Chavo heard struggling on phone with a stranger at door. Wake up. You Americans get more in your face publicity stunts and fake shootings than anywhere else in the world yet still you are asleep

  3. The way he said raw made me giggle a bit…then I stopped cuz i didn't want to disrespect the dead. Btw it wasn't Kevin Sullivan, the idiots in this comment section should stop defending Chris. Just leave it alone and move on


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