February 16th 2011 North Hastings High School hosted COSSA wrestling for the first time ever in Bancroft. Here’s a few matches by the girls put into a video



  1. I am a girl wrestler and let me just say to those who think girls shouldnt be wrestling or saying we look ugly, fugly, and whatev, In my first year I took second place at nuway nationals (national wrestling assotiation for youth) (usa). I wrestled against guys all season and did a couple extra miles a day after practice and lots of core workouts. I worked very hard to earn my position and people still refused to take me seriously. Every state qualifier on my team got a shirt recognizing their accomplishment except for me (cause i was a girl). My wrestling coach didnt go to states with me to guide me nor nationals, while being in town and free for both. I stlii placed in both states and nationals. Many girl wrestlers work very hard for their position and are not taken seriously at all. So at the very least if you still dont think girls should wrestle, keep your opinion to yourself, nobody wants to here it and it doesnt benifit anyone.


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