Reed may be starting a new NFR event with Arm Wrestling. Comment below if you think Reed will win. Do you think you could take Reed?

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  1. OK, with tongue thoroughly planted in cheek, the arm wrestling concluded as a draw, according to the conventions and long standing U.S. and international law of arm wrestling. It is obvious and has been committed to record on film. Anyone with a different conclusion is playing favorites, is wrong, no two ways about it. Wink, wink.

  2. Without exception I'm the one who eats the burned/ruined food. If my wife or I bake cookies/muffins etc. and some of them get a bit burned on the bottom (baking at 8,000 feet has some nuances), those are put in a bag with my name on it. If the weather is awful outside, and in the places we have lived "awful" means life threatening or at least incredibly uncomfortable, and a chore needs to be done outside, it is always my duty to do it. If we are camped out in a blizzard on a cross country ski trip, I'm the one who goes out to tighten the guy lines. My wife is capable of doing it all and is quite strong, plus having a high I.Q., but I think husbands should do the real nasty stuff. If we have a sewage plumbing issue my wife is absent from the scene, it is a joint expectation. When we are out on the highways and come upon wildlife, badly injured from a car crash, I'm the one that shoots the animal to put it out of its misery, We don't wait for a game and fish officer or another law enforcement officer to arrive, as that can take some time. Although, my wife has done this twice when driving alone.

  3. Open the car door, not even close to the number of times my wife deserves. I always open building doors for her and let her pass down a hallway first. I have a gem of a wife, like you do. We met when her family moved in next door when we were just 3 weeks shy of our 4th birthdays. We are in our late 60's so we are now talking nearly 65 years of friendship and we married when we were 22. There are 2 other gems on her side of the family and their husbands don't open the door often enough either. My wife's late father was married to a gem (my wife's late mother) and he opened every door, car included, 99.8% of the time. He was like a second father to me and you would think I would follow his example.

    This gives me a big reminder to open the car door for her far more often. Thanks!

    In public I always open building doors for women and always let women pass first. I often say "no, I insist, if I don't my mother, who is staring down at us, would be angry with me."

  4. I open the door for my wife often, including doors at home, church, stores, etc. She gets mad at me whenever I drive up to the door someplace to pick her up. I have been known at times to drive up on the sidewalk. I think times like that she doesn't even want to get in the car/truck. 🙂 Thank you the vlog Reed. Watch it every time a new one comes out. Your just living the dream Enjoy !

  5. That Amy is a good woman. And smart to. She knew Reed wanted something when he opened that door. Reason I say she's a good woman, is she let Reed live after the " Child " comment. God bless the Flakes.

  6. Mr. Flake, you need to open them doors all the time for mrs. Amy. And I appreciate that you video the National Anthem! I love it when people show respect for the greatest flag in the world!!

  7. Reed, my grandmother told me from the time I started dating if I didn"t open the door for girls she would make sure I never forget a second time. Here in the Midwest or anywhere it is just polite to be a gentleman. I taught my boys to do the same. I am four years younger than you and every time I open the door for my wife or other females I still hear my Grandma who is 95 and still drives. Keep up the good work. I look forward to each new vlog. Amy, keep Reed in line.

  8. I hold the door open every morning for my wife as she is leaving for work and again at lunch. I am disabled so i take the grand kids to school as she goes to work. Its just a routine thing we do everyday. Keep up the good work you two, best channel on youtube. Haven't missed a single one since we got back from the Grait Strait in March, we sure are gonna miss that event.


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