Yo dawgs, in this CSS animation tutorial, I’ll introduce you to the magical world of pure CSS animations, as well as show you the kind of material we’re going to be looking at over the course of this playlist. To get the most from this playlist, you’re probably going to want to be pretty comfortable with the basics of CSS, as well as HTML. Look below for those courses here on this channel…

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  1. If I could give a infinite thumbs up… I pretty much would never hesitate to give it to you…. this was the most awesomely awesome video….. blurr!!!! I did know how to express the happiness of having see this playlist…
    God bless ya mates…

  2. Your videos are so helpful. you've saved me a ton of work. i have 1 question though.
    does a larger or smaller screen play a roll when setting an object at a certain pixel.
    e.g. will setting the Mario cart at left: -400 be at a different position on the screen when you're using a 4k 65" display compared to a 1080p 20" display?

    thanks in advance

  3. Why Brackets? It is dead tool …

    New version 1.7 wich realeased some days ago have some small fixes, nothing more.

    They don't respond on any social network, they almost do not run their blog, suddenly new version realeased …

    Pls, could you tell why Brackets?

  4. Hi, i look ALL your videos but you speak very very very fast…
    It is difficult to follow your lessons.
    Sorry for my poor english.

  5. which loads faster jquery animations or css animations….which makes the documents bigger
    which is more supported by the browsers…if i'm going to use jquery anyway, should I go for javascript (jquery) animations??? thanks


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