Hey gang, in this CSS animation tutorial I’ll show you how we can chain 2 or more animations together on one element. We do this by simply comma separating our animations.

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  1. It doesnt seem as though the renowned NN replies to the comments on his eariler videos, so maybe someone else can give me some guideance. How might one make Mario jump everytime he passes through, instead of just the first time? I tried changing the animation-iteration-count and he would just jump that many times during his first pass through. Many thanks!

  2. This is great but one thing I can't figure out. How do I make him just once every time he comes around, at say, the middle of the screen?

  3. great tutorial pal .. awesome content.

    just a question about the jump animation .. at 50% mario just did a small jump and for the rest of the duration he was moving straight .. now what if i wanted the jump to begin from start at 0% and reach max height at 50% and reach the ground at 100%? so as in an arch not a bump .. thx again

  4. What about luigi's jump animation since they jump in different places
    Do i have to create new keyframe ? Or there is another way to do it using the jump keyframes.
    Thanks before

  5. Heyy, First of all I want to say thank you so much for creating such a wonderful channel and uploading all these wonderful tutorials for the front end development. Your videos are truly appreciated. I just wanted to ask, are you planning to upload PHP and MySQL tutorials as well down the road ? That will be awesome if you do because that way we can learn backend development too. You're a great teacher!


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