Hey gang, in this CSS Flexbox tutorial, I’ll give you a quick introduction to Flexbox – what it is, and how we can use it in our websites today.

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  1. I discovered this channel recently, love it very much and I have gladly subscribed it. I already watched several of your tutorial playlists and I'm planing to watch many of the rest of them. I think it will be great if you will find time to create tutorial playlist for a new native CSS Grid Layout. All major browsers supports it from March this year and it looks very promising. I read somewhere that they spend five years developing it. It is a new and powerful feature so there is a demand for a good tutorials 🙂

  2. Hello, and thank you for videos very well done, the explanations are simple without yet being simplistic. You do not use shortcut keys, which if they are not mentioned verbally, make it difficult to understand. I
    would like to see a menu for the footer, a menu on two or three columns
    with a title and links below for each column and done with the FLEX
    function. Thank you.

    Bonjour, et merci pour des vidéos très bien faites, les explications sont simples sans pourtant être simpliste. Vous n'utilisez pas de touches de raccourcis, qui si elles ne sont pas mentionnées verbalement, rendent difficile la compréhension. J'aimerais bien voir un menu pour le pied de page, un menu sur deux ou trois colonnes avec un titre et des liens dessous pour chaque colonne et fait avec la fonction FLEX. Merci.

  3. This is such a useful video series. I am learning a ton. You added me on Twitter, but I thought that it was spam, so I deleted the request, lol. Sorry. I see now that you are just a helpful guy. Thanks!

  4. For the love of god, why are we supporting IE still? Even the later versions are crap. Can someone take that horse out back and put it out of it's misery? Also, save a bullet for Edge, or whatever they're calling IE these days.

  5. Salut Ninja!! Hope everything is cool on the Net Ninja country

    I am writing to make a suggestion regarding your web site. I was very surprised not to find in the CSS courses (there are two, one for beginners and one about positioning) section the videos/playlists regarding Css Flexbox and Css Animation… Not even a mention!!! How come? I found you on youtube because of them and they are excellent. Maybe those links are somewhere on the web and it is just my fault not finding them… just consider there may be many dummies like me loosing that content… precisely us who most need it!!

    Thank you very much for sharing this fantastic material.

    Borja Cruz, an Spaniard in Romania (Net Ninja art reaches the whole world :)))))

  6. Hi, Ninja! I'm a beginner in this webdesign world and til now I learnt to layout elements using floats. Would you recommend me to do a brainwash with that and start learning Flexbox, or are they complementary? Thanks!

  7. Yo! I love that these videos are short and get straight to the content. Other videos got way too much BS talking till they get to the point. Good job.

  8. I was thinking that I would request you a tutorial series on flexbox and It is good to see that tutorial has been already started


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