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  1. Sou Brasileiro nao entendo nada de ingles mais foi como se tivesse vendo um video Brasileiro
    parabens melhor video sobre assunto que encontrei

  2. a little helpful hint for brackets users :
    if you want to copy a line of code? put your pointer at the end of it and press Ctrl+D

  3. You're great man! Your explanations are very good. You go a little bit fast, but that's because one have to understood the dynamic of the logic of js. Thanks for your help! I'm gonna see more tutorials!

  4. @The Net Ninja Thanks for the guide! it was really helpful! I wanted just to know a thing, how do you refresh the browser like that?

  5. Keep it up, Ninja. Thanks for the tutorial. You're, a great teacher. Looking forward to watch the other ones.
    Cheers, mate.

  6. Being a web developer who was just given a chance to work in the field because I knew a little bit about computers I have to say that your tutorials are a very warm welcome. Excellent explanation and detail. I even learned things about other parts of elements by watching your videos that I haven't run across in my 4 years of work in the field. Look forward to watching all the videos I can. On an added note, you should include the Ninja noise more often through the tutorials. It really does make me remember the information you talk about whenever I hear that 🙂


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