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  1. I followed everything. The only problem I ended up with is when I hover over my social icons, they disappear as the background changes. Can anyone explain?

  2. this wonderful tutorial I love how you teach keep it up ! Now if you could do one making a whole website that would be great

  3. How can I add social media links with icons in my navigation bar using flexbox. I can't add icons to links to social websites e.g twitter, Facebook etc in my navigation bar. I would be most grateful for your kind assistance

  4. Hi, I'm learning to program, and sometimes I wonder how other people got to be so good. Would you be willing to share some of your experience/ advice? Such as, do you think it's preferable to go to a formal school, or possible to become very good through studying the documentation online, etc? thxs!

  5. if someone could explain how the social media icons immediately shrunk as soon as the text-indent property was applied, i would be very grateful

  6. Thanks for the tutorial. Can you explain why you chose to add the text indent of 10000 in the css rather than just remove the text in the html? Thanks,


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