Hey gang, in this CSS grid tutorial I’ll demonstrate how we can use media queries and grid areas to make a full responsive CSS grid.

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  1. Just watched your 10 video series on CSS Grids. Just want to say thank you so much. I have subscribed and am looking forward to many more of your videos.

  2. Thanks for existing into the world…now that i have watched your series ,I am going into your playlist to find more awesomeness..

  3. Thanks for the great tutorial. I love the simplicity of css grid. The only question I still have after following your tutorial is how to best solve incompatible browsers. In using it, that needs to be addressed, One author said it might be best to use mobile display as default, but how would you go about it? Should one also still use floats as a fallback for other browsers or are there different methods that work better? It's nice there is css flex, float and grid now, but not everyone uses latest versions of their browsers so it might be that legacy still request to do the old thing too and then it's just an extra to do grid as well untill it is older. So how best to combine the methods then? Perhaps a follow up subject.

  4. and i have a question lets say i have a div and i put that div from : 1/3 column if i place an image inside the div the image stretch out of the grid why >?

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  6. I would be so grateful if you could show us a simple practical/real website using the Grid Layout! I have a hard time working with what would be real elements and not just simple boxes like in the videos.

  7. hi,
    thank you for yours vidéos, i have question:

    what kind of developer are you ? do you know the PHP langage ? or you are just a front-end developper ?



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