Yo ninjas, in this CSS positioning tutorial, I’ll show you how to use the z-index property to control the stacking order of elements on a web page.


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  1. hey so idk if anyone can help me i need to finish this by tomorrow and im trying to get the divs to connect to the navigation menu. so like if i click home it goes to home and if i click about me it goes to about me. so what is happening is it goes to where it needs to go but isnt overlapping the divs its just going underneath the other… how can i fix this?

  2. The first minute of this video solved a problem I've been wrestling for hours. You are the man! Keep up the great work. 🙂

  3. I hope you are making money out of all this great work. Your explanation of all the CSS concepts is the most succinct and easy to follow that i have found. No need to rewatch anything. First time and I get it. Proper explanations for what is going on with each attribute and why its there. Why others make it so complicated I have no idea. Massive thanks for all your work.

  4. every concept has its own complexity and depth but it just need a genius to understand it simplicity and you are genius for me you are exceptional . teaching is an art and this art is justified by you ……………

  5. Hi!
    Your videos are great! Althoguh I know most of the things you are teaching here, I found that your simple and clear aproach is clearing some fog in my understanding of these techniques.
    A small notice about that image of coordinate axes: since on a web page y-axis is actually pointed downwards, you could just point that out so people that who are new to this don't get confused.
    Anyway, great tutorials, I watched and psd 2 wordpress too and it's awesome. Looking forward to videos on responsive design.


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