Hey gang, in this CSS positioning tutorial, I’ll be showing you the position property in CSS. In particular, we’ll be looking at relative position and how it can help us offset elements without removing them from normal document flow. Relative position can also be used in conjunction with absolute position, to provide child elements with a relative parent to position themselves within.


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  1. Hello, what is the sublime setting, allowing auto implementation the code? I mean you write, and it dynamically happens on the site?

  2. I see that you are using Atom. how the browser immediately respond when you change the code? is it automatic? or do I need to set up ?

  3. I am not sure but you should tell also about what elements are related to. Are they related to browser or to other block elements ?

  4. Thank you for the videos this is by far the best explanation I have seen for CSS positioning, your explanation of document flow has helped me greatly and has eliminated a lot of frustration.

  5. what text editor are you using and how can i get it to auto update, just like you setup in this tutorial, i feel this workflow may prove invaluable when one is still in the learning stages. i.e (me)

  6. That's great! Thanks for these videos. I've been struggling with CSS positioning so I'm watching these as soon asap. keep them coming.


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