Yo ninjas, so in this CSS positioning tutorial I’ll show you how to use the absolute position value to position elements on your web page. Position absolute lets you position an element anywhere you wish on a web page, but be careful about using it too much!


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  1. Love these videos – they're making things I've struggled through several courses with click instantly!

    Quick question – If you hide part of an image by restricting its container and hiding the overflow like in this video, does the browser still download the full image?

  2. good tutorial.
    I just found if i set the cloud.jpg's position relative, then the "blue sky thinking" text will hide behind the cloud.jpg…why is that?

  3. this is the only one video opened my mind about relative and absolute in css position , i've been done with others video but get nothing and still confusing my mind lol Thanks a lot T.N.N (y)


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