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Merry Christmas ninjas! In this festive CSS tricks tutorial, I’ll show you how to create some funky, glowing Christmas lights using only HTML and CSS!

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  1. great tutorials bud iv watched a thew of your series. iv got another you could do for this playlist, you coud do one for scroll bar customisation i thought you had one but when i looked i could find it. iv sourced other material to find out how to do it but i like the way you explain things, it would of been better but anyway thanks for everything else *

  2. I'd love to make a border out of this but i'm having trouble tweaking the CSS so that the wire and lights run down the sides. What changes do I need to make for the positioning? Any advice would be great!

  3. Hey I really love your style of teaching. Any chance you'll take up Electron?
    Really looking forward to it!

    Happy holidays (whatevers left)

  4. First time ever I used CSS animations (except for tranistion) – gonna check out your animations tutorial soon! Thanks for the awesome christmas lights 🙂


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