Yo ninjas, in this CSS for Beginners tutorial we’ll take a look at how NOT to apply CSS to your HTML (99% of the time, at least 🙂 ). This includes the yucky in-line style approach, where we apply CSS styles directly to the tags themselves via the ‘style’ attribute, and embedded styles in the head of the document.

In the next movie we’ll take a look at External Style Sheets and why they’re sooo much better :).

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  1. Dude, your videos rock! However, I like to snack while I watch training courses. That "Huaaa!" sound effect catches me off guard everytime and I spitting out food at the monitor from laughing so hard. lol. These videos have been a life saver for me, so thank you! I love your core message of quality vs messy.

  2. So, you are my new favorite CSS ninja go to for help, you just said cowabunga, which I just used about 25 minutes ago in a sentence…lol. You are great and very helpful!


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