Hey guys, in this CSS tutorial for beginners, we’re going to take a look at selector specificity (I hate pronouncing that word, even though I’m a ninja!). Essentially, this translates as how specific and how much weight your CSS selector has when it comes to dealing with conflicts. It’s a really important subject that I suggest you guys master. Keep coding :).


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  1. You made it so easy Man!!! Thank You. Why don't you create Learning Path for Web Development. It helps us to learn it in sequential order. Please do this. Thanks Again.

  2. Your videos are big help to us. I'm now making my website, and i'm going to spread your tutorials and your channel (of course). Continue making, your tutorials are on-point.

  3. What a great way of explaining spec…spec…specifififty 😀

    You're a fantastic teacher, I've learnt more from you than my lecturers. Thank so much for your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm.

  4. Hello sir, I thought we can have only one ID per page but in the above example you have made three IDs header, content header and main header is that possible or I did't get it right ? Thanks..

  5. Very helpful tutorials. I have a question or a scenario rather. I'm using a Theme in wordpress and I'm trying to create a banner with css. I'm running into alot of trouble. Since it's a company site I don't want to place the url here without permission. Thanks to your tutorial I understand now that the themes point system overrode my code and I'm finally able to make changes. Thank you! If you have time I can send the url to you. If not thanks for your tutorials anyway.


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