Yo ninjas, what’s going on? In this CSS tutorial for beginner’s we’ll be mixing it up with some awesome attribute selectors – which, quite honestly, are one of the coolest types of selectors in CSS, full stop. Attribute selectors can help us target those elements which do not have a class, ID, or any way of finding it via child or descendant selectors. Swot up on you attribute selectors to become a true CSS ninja! Keep coding, and have fun :).

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  1. Thank so much! Great explanation as usual!
    When you were talking about the caret sign, I thought that you had said the "carrot sign", ahhah! I was wondering if there was truly some mysterious sign named like that XD

  2. Explained concepts in simple, clear, precise, to the point. My simple suggestion/request, every time you open browser from bracket, it is taking unnecessary time, so u can use Alt+Tab to switch between bracket and chrome + refresh Or at least set html file properties to google chrome so that you can directly open html file in chrome by double clicking html file. I hope you take my suggestion positively. And thanks for knowledge sharing.

  3. Really appreciate the content .. helpful alot but the oonly issue I have is with your intro… the ninja "Waaaa" is too loud and the content speech is lower then that which makes the start of video very irritating ….

    Keep Making More Vids New SUB (y)

  4. Can we chain attribute selectors together? Say we have 5 element like a <link> tag, each with multiple attributes, but we only want to target one of them, decided by a combination of 2 attributes – say the href and the type attributes.


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